A Hybrid Suspension
Yoga Experience


The root of all connection, controlling ones breath is the first part of every class. We want each student to take the time to clear the mind & set their focus.  This class is a challenge. 


Build so much more than muscle. Build better posture.  Build sets of pulls, pushes & poses. Build confidence. Build a body of work – literally.  We’ve got you & you’ve got this!


Balance belongs in both the body & the mind. Pick a spot…breathe…..balance on one foot, with one arm, in the handles, upside down…

Our vision & our mission

It is our mission at Studio Fascia, to offer effective and engaging therapeutic resources, to positively impact whole body health, through sustainability  & affordability.  

It is our vision, to frame out & up from our corner stone creation of  HSY℠classes, a program that is a way of life for any age of life, that solidly provides a results oriented way to build & maintain balance, strength, flexibility & conditioning  through in person and online, private and group classes in an environment where students can learn with & from each other 

We’re good for everyone. 

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With a  passion for good health, Jennifer has  lived her professional life as an RN, RMT, Acupuncture Practitioner & now a HSY℠ teacher.  From the ER  &  delivery room, to the massage table, she has been present along the continuum of life, and brings a unique & robust wealth of knowledge and experience to Studio Fascia and her creation of HSY℠ classes.

So what wisdom can she offer? So many times and in so many ways, Jen understands that with the perspective, that an ounce of prevention is worth so much more than a pound of cure, happy sustainable good health is achievable. It is from that place, that Studio Fascia began. A place that brings real results to people who are committed, and are genuinely looking for greater health and well-being. Gently and carefully, one session at a time, one result at a time, good health can be achieved & supplemented by restoring motion to our bodies. From the simplest and most essential motion of breathing, into challenging poses & inversion work, Studio Fascia & Jen are committed to supporting each client and their unique needs.

She, her students & Henry, (the handsome puppy on the left) look forward to seeing you as you unwind, in a place where you will do more than you think you can.