HSY ℠ – is a unique, no impact ,results oriented fitness program.  It is designed to be a total body work out, focusing on improving balance, dexterity and coordination while gaining flexibility, strength & core stability.  It’s as challenging as each individual student is willing to push for, making it a totally unique experience – every single class.   From warm up, to recovery in the gently swaying sling, each one hour class covers all the bases & torches up to 400 calories.  More than just a work out, students gain insight into how their body works, find others who have the same challenges as them, and are supported as they make a plan for their own path to a better body, inside & out.

SF offers HSY ℠ classes in private, semi private and groups,  for all levels of strength, stamina and flexibility.  Have a work group who want to do something fun together? Come and try it.  Belong to a team who could use a change  from regular workouts? Lets talk.  From total beginner to athlete, you’ll be completely supported as you see and FEEL results.

Group & private classes are being offered at Julies Dance Studio LLC in Ogdensburg.  Private and Semi Private classes offered at  SF Private Studio Prescott Ontario.  Have a great place of your own to ‘hang around’?  We’ll gather up some rigs and bring the HSY℠ experience to you for as many students as you have room for!  

 Not sure? Pick up a ‘Drop in Pass’  -the link is at the top of this page- and take class.  Or, drop us an email and the team at SF will do their best to answer your questions.  

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email : wymansway@icloud.com