It’s cold but fresh for this first, Finally Friday blog!

I have found that the end of the work week provides a great opportunity to implement changes I’ve been looking to make. And I like to make changes!! They are most rewarding when I’ve undertaken them in the right way. When we give ourselves space and time to start something new – a project, a plan, or a new habit, we are starting off in a way that sets us up for success.


With that frame of mind settling in on you, I would like to issue A Change Challenge:

Pick something that’s been on your list, in the back of your mind or simmering on your back burner, and CHOOSE TO INVEST energy in to doing it every day for the next week, beginning over this weekend. Eliminate Monday Mania, and instead, hit Monday running! Maybe literally! It may be that book you’ve been waiting to read. Or write. Or a recipe you want to find, shop for, make next Friday night. It might be five minutes of mindfullness. Or two, if that’s where you’re at. In one short week you will have a body of time that you’ve invested in yourself, and there is no better investment than that. You’ll head into next weekend, YOUR personal time, ready to enjoy the sense of accomplishment you’ve earned. Success!!!

I’m always happy to hear how a challenge or suggestion works out for people, but don’t feel obligated. Feel free to share your successes, and your difficulties. Or just hang and wait to hear how I make out!! Have a great weekend, and good luck!!!

“Do. Or do not do. There is no try.” Yoda – Jedi Master