In spite of the snow and cold, I can’t help but feel that some signs of spring are just out of reach. There in the longer days, and the sunsets of my late day walks. Hope. It springs eternal. For a moment any way, until I remember spring brings with it tax season and muddy paws.

On that note, spring is often the time we start to venture out more. More people on the walking path, some joggers in toques, die hard patio goers grabbing sunny windless corners of their favorite pubs. In January, I challenged you to start a new ‘thing.’ Something small that you could commit to doing for the next seven days. Now some of you, let me down. One of you is still deciding what ‘thing’ to do, which you know, makes me shake my head. lol But mostly, you embraced. There is a dated space with new paint that now boasts being a home office. Another of you started a post covid savings account with spare change that now has a growing balance. I’ll take it! It wasn’t about the size of the effort, but simply that there was any effort at all. Interestingly, no one undertook a healthy choice. So, by all means, let me move you along!! …….hahahahahahahahaha

So, on this the day that the GOAT takes on The Kid in Tampa, age vs. youth, I offer you this:

There is something you can be doing for the betterment of your physical health. You know it. I know it. The pets know it. I dare you to rethink your nutrition. Notice I did not say diet? What new food can you give another try ? What food can you toss from your current regimen? When did you last check your blood pressure? Or use an actual measuring tape instead of scales ? Scales are in fact, the devil. Ditch the dryer sheets? Try organic shaving cream? I could go all day. I’m not suggesting you give up wine or beer or any of the other great things adults like to do. But, for the love of the pigskin, and Tom Brady, who doesn’t eat sugar, flour, tomatoes, peppers or strawberries and today carries the ‘OVER 40’ banner high, I DARE you to incorporate a healthy energy into your life. Get off your collective asses and do it!

Shit doesn’t change itself. It. does. not. If you find that it does, or that there is a self cleaning muddy paw machine…..or a money tree….or a super power depot, especially that last one – go ahead and forward that me…..!! hahahaha

Good Luck and Good Health My Friends.