Session 1 is well underway. Students range in age from 13- 71. Reassures me that good health is something we can all have in common if we choose to. Two couples considering a beginners class, and one young man who is set to take his first class soon. I’m excited to see how goes.

These brave yogis have taken direction so well & have eagerly embraced the challenges given to them. They are learning to lean in to those little details that make all the difference. For them, it may mean engaging in what seems like an insignificant aspect of a pose or movement, and finding out its the tiny key to moving forward. It may be something to build on, like setting up for a pose, from a more challenging approach. It’s great to see their confidence grow!!

Ive offered some challenges with each blog entry, and this one will be no different. I challenge you to find an aspect of your life, that you can lean in on. What, or who, in your life could benefit from some brief, yet detailed focus from you? Just a little pressing on the details. Then, make mental note of the results. Good to see what a bit of effort will bring.

I would be interested to hear what you choose, if you’ll share. Some of you, who will remain a mystery, will email me a ‘I don’t know what to lean into.’ Let me save you the time and me the eye rolling, with a couple of examples to get you thinking…

…..if you’ve added salads to your spring nutrition plan, can you add healthy fats to your salad just once this week? Or go without the sabotaging dressing you might be using. If you’re fit bitting 10k steps a day, can you add a day or even better add a day AND add 5k to that one day? Just once. Think of it as the other side of the ‘cheat day’ dime. It’s a bonus day of making the most of a good thing.

That’s it for StudioFascia this week. I hope I’ve given you something new and inspired to think about as you carry on.